The debate whether garage kits are in vogue or just flavor of the month has stretched for more than a decade.
The current generation of Garage kit dealers and sculptors have been placed in an environment where if they don't create something new and exciting, people won't even bat an eye. Even if you can attract a sliver of attention, you'll be washed away from everyone's memories if you can't keep the hype train rolling. In this world where it's eat or be eaten, only a small handful of sculptors can bathe in the spotlight that is the Wonder Showcase.
I remember when Masahiko Asano (producer for the Wonder Showcase) came to my table to look at the display I had that day. "Today is the day!" I thought to myself. I also remember the feeling of crushing sorrow when I didn't get a single e-mail from him after the event. When I went drinking later, I showed my burning desire for the award, "I'll lick his shoes if that's what it takes, just give me the WSC!"

Oh, how it made me so jealous!

So now we are recruiting sculptors who will nominate themselves to bathe in the spotlight, out of their own wallet and under their own responsibility.
As you can see, the award's structure and even the website are copied from the Wonder Showcase. It is all to shower you in the glittering lights of (a copy of) the Wonder Showcase. The price of a table at Wonder Festival and a full-page advertisement is no laughing matter. Even if it's only for a moment, we want you to stand in that spotlight.
While this looks and sounds like a joke of a project, the three people who have chosen themselves for our first outing take their work very seriously. The sculptures and garage kits they're creating are no joke. Please take the opportunity to have a look at the garage kits introduced here at the Wonder saShowcase. If at all possible, please buy one.

Finally, I would like to extend a word of thanks to the following people:
Mr. Goto, who advised us on this crude project.
Messrs. Miyawaki and Asano, who quickly gave us permission to go ahead with this project.

Now, it's unknown whether or not there will be a second showing.

Wonder saShowcase producer