It's not like we'll be actually exhibiting at the Wondfer Festival (WonFes) yet, and I'm sure there will be a lot of things we want to have in writing, but I'll write down some of the current ground rules that I'm thinking about here.

What we will do as Wonder saShowcase:
・Have a table at WF to display work, under the name Wonder saShowcase (WsSC).
 Whether it'll actually happen depends on if the Producer is not busy with real life obligations,
 but at least once a year is the current goal.
・We'll do it if we can gather enough people.
 Around three people maximum will be chosen.
 Well, not chosen but more like whoever wants to give it a try, can.
 Those who are interest should contact the producer, Luv a Sanomasahikoskii.

About the people featured:
・Choose people for the Wonder saShowcase and display them at Wonfes.
 In order to avoid confusion, we will name ourselves as WsSC.
 Advertise on the WF Guidebook.
 Because the ad fees for the first time costed an amazingly large 50,000 yen (for the whole page),
 half a page or even a third of a page are being considered.
 Half of the advertising fees will be paid by the people featured.

About the garage kits to be displayed:
・It doesn't have to be just for the WsSC.
・Quality isn't a factor.
・For things that don't require publisher permission, it can be a new piece or an old piece.
・For things that require publisher permission, old pieces only due to deadline risks.
 However, trustworthy people are allowed to display new pieces.
 Any publisher fees will be provided for by that person.