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When talking about monobya; ;, one must delve into the topic of his humanity.
The actions he take in his daily life can be amounted to a single word: scum. When he has time, he drinks, and when you ask him about his progress, he'll answer "Don't worry about it." without any basis or evidence. This leads to him losing sight of his goal to create new work for the biannual Wonder Festival. Even when October rolls around, he still bikes to Fuchu in Tokyo from his home in Saitama in order to visit the model building workshop Guide Beacon. Every single weekend. Even when pressured with deadlines like a piece of meat stuffed into a can, we think he's working on his sculpt but he's actually building Gundam models.
But, he is a spontaneous man, capable of giving form to whatever he imagines in his head. If he actually wants to, he can push out a sculpt in two months. He has been able to wow people with his original work at every Wonder Festival while suffering throughout the entire journey to the finish line.
His creations include "From Solnhofen," which combines two bodies together into an archaeopteryx. "Kyuuka--the rear-view bust" bases itself on the world of mystic beings. "The Aviator," which represents the human race's challenge of reaching the skies. Many other ideas are still probably lying dormant, waiting to be excavated from his head. The overwhelming and unshakable reason why he went through the madness of choosing himself to be WsSC#001 is this completely opposite way of thinking, compared to the original WSC.
I spend my days shaking in fear that the Wonder saShowcase might become the Wonder soShowcase because I gave this award to him. Or maybe I don't.

text by Luv a Sanomasahikoskii

First place winner of the Dengeki King of Kids Contest.
Grand prize winner of the My Cannon Fodder Contest.
Consolation prize winner of modelling contests near his house, as well as a long history of participation in imaginary contests inside his head.
Restarted his activities for the Wonder Festival in 2014.

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Description of the Fraudulently Awarded Creation WsSC#


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Hengen (Shifting Illusion)

Non-scale Resin Cast Kit

Special event price: 18,000 yen
Online order price: $350 (Estimated)

Note: As mentioned in the artist introduction below, he's still painting so the photo on the right will be retaken at a later date.

A rough finish to the sculptwork, a certain flair and a head to the wall work methodology that draws attention to the eyes like a laser trained onto its target. These are all qualities that are commonly seen in garage kits sold at events.
But the work of the garage kit creator monobya; ; contains many intricacies that are hidden beneath the surface.
His intricate craftsmanship is once again at work in his new piece, Hengen (Shifting Illusion). The concept of a woman wearing a fox mask transforming into a nine-tailed fox as you change your viewing angle adds a dimension of time to a stationary model, challenging the convention that still life is an object frozen in time.
This can only be called one of the many creative paths we can take on the journey called garage kit creations. Experience the world of monobya; ; for yourself at the venue.

's comment

I would like to express my gratitude for being chosen to win the WsSC.
I am of the stance that the creation of a garage kit must begin from the perspective that a sculpture is primarily a three-dimensional object.
In the last few years that I've returned to participating in garage kit events, I've only been met with an endless number of surprises: articulated kits, colored resin, highly detailed PVC figures and even digital sculpting.
Which is why I want to experiment with the question of "What, in my eyes, is a garage kit?"
To me, one of the advantages of a garage kit is that you can see it from many angles. However, when you look at your run-of-the-mill sculpt from a different angle, the most that people will imagine is "Oh, you can see its underwear." In order to exceed that expectation, I made my creation while focusing on the theme of it turning into something completely different when viewed from a different angle.
It would be wonderful if you could see it with your own two eyes on the day of WonFes.
Finally, I have no idea how my being chosen for this will affect my future, but what comes to mind now is "Bad media is the best media. (^o^)" One more thing that's easy to forget when you write this sort of stuff for too long—

I didn't get chosen, I chose myself. (^o^;)