WsSC # 


"Athlete" would be the best word to describe CLAYGOO.
While he is, at first sight, rather unassuming, you will be surprised at how competitive the man is once you talk to him.
As he was an actual athlete, he is no stranger to competition and always has his eyes on the prize.
In the warzone known as sculpting, he stoicly accomplishes the tasks and goals he sets out for himself.
At the tournament we call the Wonder Festival, CLAYGOO rises over his competition to obtain the coveted prize known as "out of stock."
These things provide the man with the ecstacy he seeks. This might sound crazy, but depending on how you think about and interpret that, you can create an amazingly sexy sculpture.
In past events, CLAYGOO managed to expertly recreate the feel of the world of Kantai Collection's Abyssal Fleet with his interpretation of the Southern War Princess, a harmonious blend of the Princess' fully exposed body, as well as cannon bodies.
For his original piece, Orc Hunter, he managed to create a captivating world by combining a woman's half-exposed body, a sword, a cigarette holder and a base with an oriental theme.
The common points between his works is the Female Body, and such is the basis of his repeated victories.
I am moved by his expression of women, a symbol of rejuvenation in the world of athletics, as they take up arms and launch themselves into combat.
And so, as a result of the countless battles he has been through, CLAYGOO has obtained the spot of "#002 of the 1st Wonder saShowcase," self-nominating himself to victory.

text by Luv a Sanomasahikoskii

CLAYGOO tried and failed to make figures of female characters in high school. He had the same idea 20 years later, and tried his hand at the process of creating figures of women at the age of 36.
He started participating in WF four years ago, centering his work on licensed series like Queen's Blade and Arpeggio of Blue Steel.
He experienced a revelation and opened his eyes to original work this year. Currently only works on original creations.

Description of the Fraudulently Awarded Creation WsSC#


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Kin-gyo Hime (Goldfish Princess)

Non-scale Resin Cast Kit

Special event price: 18,000 yen
Online order price: $350 (Estimated)

This work is the embodiment of an idea that came from a dream, truly the recreation of a eureka moment.

A princess dancing beneath the waves, surrounded by what one can assume are her goldfish attendants.
Having grown up in the wild, she thinks dearly of the fish who are trying to fulfill their duty as she continues her performance.
This is but a single scene of the world that envelops her.

This piece has a unique feel about it, that it isn't anchored in reality nor in fantasy. At first sight, it gives off an oriental impression, but at the same time would not look out of place in Provence, France. One has to wonder where the man's ability to compose and balance such a piece in vignette form comes from.
The sculptwork around the thighs and hips have been made meaty enough to make any man of a gentlemanly age say "Yes, that's the good stuff."
This is something you have to see in person in order to judge how well this dream-like fantasy has been polished and brought to life.
In a way, this piece was designed to give inspiration to the people as they build the kit, so please have fun with the process.

's statement

"Just make the deadline!" Was the only thing on my mind as I worked on this.
When I first started sculpting, my motivation was "I want to make some character I like!" That framework changed somewhere along the line into "Maybe it would be more fun to create a character from the very beginning?" Which led to me creating original characters.
Even though this was also a result of a certain other person getting too carried away with an idea, I took the delusion seriously and made it real. In order to stay faithful to the fact that the real thrill of an original character garage kit is in the freedom to build and paint it however you want, I'm putting a lot of effort into painting my sample.
This parody award is way too elaborate to be able to run away from...
I thought I'd end this with a complaint.