\3,000-(Wonder Festival special price)
Sculptor: Poru Matsusakaya [Matsusakaya Model Shop]
Character designer: Rei Kuroga

Non-scale resin-cast kit

Using the “reset announcement” as an excuse to take a break, WsSC wasn’t at WF2017S as I was fairly busy at my actual job.
Even so, I wanted to stay current so I released a 1/3 page advertisement in the guide book to say that we were there on paper.
People reacted in a variety of ways after the guide book came out, and tweets like this showed up on my timeline.

Reset announcement!? Does that mean they’ll make “Saset-chan” or some other new character when Wonder saShowcase comes back? ヽ(`Д´)ノ

The WsSC administration (all 2 of us lol) wanted to have a cute character like Reset-chan or Wonda-chan. We reached the conclusion of having the person who said it, do it, so I got back to him with a “Let’s do it.”
At first, he said

No no no, I don’t think I came make something that’s saShowcase level... (;´Д`)

which was an act of modesty. After some “persuasion,” he finally accepted

First, the size. The plan was going to make it a souvenir kind of product, so about 1/12 to 1/20 scale.
Next, we explored the idea of what kind of character Saset-chan was going to be, a question Poru brought up himself.
 Subservient: Glaring eyes, hunchback
 Modeler: Apron, spatula
Were two traits that were immediately agreed upon

There was some debate as to whether her character should or should not overlap with that of Reset-chan or Wonda-chan.
 Wonda-chan’s characteristics: Short, bouncy bob cut hair, boyish, energetic, in her late teens?
 Reset-chan’s characteristics: Twin pigtailed hair held in place with a button, girly, bright, young adult?
So with the direction that she shouldn’t overlap, we decided on
 Hairstyle: One-sided pigtail

We had a general impression of what she was going to be, so there was the need to get someone to draw her

Together with Poru, we tried to look for someone we knew who could draw for us.
As this was within the realm of other creators, there were a few people we could potentially ask, but we were just a little too shy to actually ask them. Poru then suggested “Well, we’ve done all this already, why don’t I ask someone?” to which I replied “Please do.”
The next day, he got back to me with “Rei Kuroga said yes!” The conversation then turned into something like “Really? Is he pro? Are you sure? You do know that the only thing I can give him is a t-shirt, right?” “He said yes because he liked interesting things!” It turned out he was an old acquaintance of Poru’s.
We then procrastinated over how we should proceed, and it just so happened that this was around WF2017S, so we scheduled a meeting on the day of the event.

The day of. The meeting was at Kuroga’s table around 2 p.m. and this time monobya; ; came with me.
I introduced myself and gave him my producer business card. We quickly got settled and discussed character design. What we currently had was:
 Subservient: Glaring eyes, hunchback
 Modeler: Apron, spatula
 Hairstyle: One-sided pigtail
After a bunch of back and forth and me striking producer-like poses, Saset-chan finally took shape.
Finally, we had something like:
 Age: Early-mid teens
 Height: Short
 Head: Glaring eyes, smug face, one eye covered by hair, one-sided pigtail
 Body: Hunchback, pigeon-toed
 Clothing: Black t-shirt, denim skirt, apron, bobby socks
As we talked, Kuroga drew a rough picture of her and I was fairly impressed. I think she’s pretty adorable, what do you think?

At the Toyama Sculptor Camp in September, I had some of the participants give their input on a roughly colored version of Kuroga’s drawing while Poru could not escape his fate of sculpting it.
While he said that he wanted to finish it during the camp, revisions on the face and hair took some time and he couldn’t meet his goal. But having extra pairs of eyes look at it resulted in a better sculpt.

Some time passed, and Kuroga finished a clean version of the drawing mid-November.
I then added backgrounds to both the clean and rough versions of the drawing and submitted the advertisement.

Now all we have to do is wait for Poru to finish.

This is what he has as of January 3, 2018. All the parts will be there once the ribbon is attached to the apron.

Here is the final product!
She’s just adorable!

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